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Broekman Logistics shares market focus

Broekman Logistics fully focuses on the three market segments Machinery, Industrial and Chemicals, serving these with a wide range of logistics services.

The company builds on its existing expertise as the end-to-end supply chain specialist in these markets. This new positioning confirms the successful strategy that was introduced in recent years. The value-added services, such as assembly and production, already offered in Weert and Born, as well as the customised technical services which take place at the Broekman Project Services terminal in Rotterdam, are the model for the new positioning.

As part of its strategy, the company is assessing how to expand the value-added services on a global scale. Jointly with existing and new partners, the company looks at regions, such as Central Europe and India, where the company already operates 30 freight forwarding offices in total. Likewise, the company intends to grow its freight forwarding in new geographies. Furthermore, the company intensifies the offering of technical services, as it has proven to deliver success for companies that outsource their spare-part logistics for the first time.

Today, the logistics provider presented its refreshed corporate brand identity, with three specialty brands and a new website, which represents its new positioning. It shows that Broekman Logistics stands for an end-to-end logistics specialist that is delivering the promises of its industrial partners, by looking beyond logistics.

CEO Rik Pek says: “We have shown in recent years that we can provide highly efficient and successful logistics operations for our long-term partners in the Machinery, Industrial and Chemicals markets. Our customer base in these segments is constantly growing. Especially amongst companies that for the first time outsource their logistics, we are seen as the specialist. We will further invest in a wide range of assembly and technical services. Our successful forwarding & shipping division enables an end-to-end delivery.”

Global commercial director Rutger Bonsel adds: “In-depth market research and interviews with dozens of companies in these sectors confirmed us that clients mainly want to do business with an integrated supply chain specialist with profound experience in their market. Then they have come to the right partner, to us. We combine our personal touch with digital services. Despite our continued investments in automation, in the digital future, it will be our people who will continue to make the difference”.

Nicolas Parey, CFO, concludes: “This strategy and revised brand identity guides us to new horizons and is the basis for a reliable and profitable growth for our company, while maintaining our entrepreneurial spirit. We can proudly say, we are Looking Beyond!”