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Blue Bell Shipping contributes to the Khor Mor Expansion Project

Blue Bell Shipping LLC, representing Iraq in Project Logistics Alliance, contributed to the Khor Mor Expansion Project with the oilfield operator, but also numerous EPCs, suppliers, and vendors to streamline deliveries from many origins across the globe.

Since the project is still ongoing, total volumes are not known however 100s of containers and out-of-gauge flat racks were moved as well as numerous multi-purpose vessel charters.

Some of the photos and videos provided throughout this article make specific reference to the most recent breakbulk vessel charter delivered on behalf of this project.

For this particular shipment, over 5500 cubic metres and 800 metric tons of skids and pressure vessels were delivered from Hamriyah, UAE, and Mumbai, India to Khor Mor Site in Northern Iraq. The cargo was moved on a geared multi-purpose vessel which consolidated the cargo by calling at two origin ports (Mumbai and Hamriyah) before heading to the destination port in Turkey where the BBS team discharged the cargo and arranged trucking and escorts to the site in Northern Iraq.

The Khor Mor Expansion Project was developed to expand the existing gas facility at Khor Mor in the governorate of Sulaymaniyah within the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. The Project will increase the production of gas and liquid products to contribute further to the region’s energy supply and will be completed within the existing site boundaries without any expected impact on local communities.