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Hiab launches HiPerform total service solution

Hiab, part of Cargotec, launches the total service solution; HiPerform™ intelligent solutions for optimised performance at IAA TRANSPORTATION.

HiPerform uses intelligent solutions and remote services to optimise equipment performance, uptime and safe operation. Hiab’s market-leading number of connected units has helped the company to develop unique insights and solutions for the total offering that comprises Hiab HiConnect™, Hiab Uptime™ and Hiab ProCare™ providing connectivity, real-time monitoring and diagnostics, as well as tailored service agreements.

Hiab HiConnect is a connected solution that gives the customer access to real-time insights about the condition of their equipment, to help them to further increase efficiency, productivity and operator safety. Customers can monitor status, plan service and improve operation from whole fleets down to single units. Hiab HiConnect is available in two levels: HiConnect Insights and HiConnect Premium.

Hiab Uptime comprises real-time remote monitoring and diagnostics. Equipment with Hiab Uptime is connected to Hiab’s Remote Monitoring Center that can detect critical alerts. When an alert is detected, Hiab immediately informs the designated point of contact to enable the fastest time-to-fix available in the market. Every month, Hiab delivers a report with a summary of all the monitoring and remote support activities taken, as well as recommendations based on the equipment status, performance and safety. Hiab continues to invest in this area, developing further remote and predictive insights. Hiab Uptime is currently available in selected markets only.

Hiab ProCare is a flexible, multilevel service contract. With scheduled and proactive maintenance, equipment retains the high quality which was invested in from the start. Equipment covered by Hiab Uptime has the possibility to be monitored in real-time by engineers at the Hiab Remote Monitoring Center. If they identify any technical, safety or operational issues, they will contact the customer to resolve the problem. Customers will also receive a monthly report based on the equipment status, performance and safety, complete with our recommendations. Hiab ProCare™ is available in three service levels: Total R&M, Essential, and Extended Warranty.

Rory Pedd, Vice President, Sales & Product Management, Hiab comments: “Our new HiPerform offering provides our customers with the daily insights, maintenance and care for their equipment. The customer relationship doesn’t stop at the point of delivery, with HiPerform, we work with customers and their equipment to ensure optimal performance and safety at every point in its use. With tailored performance reports and insights, our customers can easily identify how to best maximise the use of their equipment and the job at hand to further keep their promises to deliver on time, every time.”

“Hiab’s strategy is to continue to lead the digitalisation of the load handling industry. We want our customers to experience the highest uptime, the safest operations and the best productivity. To fulfil this, we will continue to invest in digitalisation to support our customer needs, to support our service partners and to be the leading solution provider,” says Michael Bruninx, Senior Vice President, Services, Hiab.

He adds: “Hiab HiPerform is the overall portfolio of exciting digital solutions like HiConnect, Hiab ProCare, Hiab Uptime and the Hiab Simulator. We established the Hiab Customer Experience and Remote Monitoring Center to perform diagnostics, monitoring and services remotely. Our customers benefit from our large connected installed base which enables us to develop market-leading solutions in the HiPerform offer based on artificial intelligence, advanced data science and analytics.”

In Q4 2022, Hiab will launch Hiab Simulator to more markets to support customers with the fastest, less costly, most effective training solution for onboarding new operators and to further enhance operator performance.