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Carlo Marasigan joins Hoegh’s Maritime Trainee program

Growing up by the shore in the Philippines, Carlo Marasigan (25) has always had a dream of being involved in the shipping industry.

This week he joined Höegh Autoliners and the 18-month Maritime Trainee program.

“During my first job in Keppel Philippines Marine, Inc. I worked as a Naval Architect and Marine Engineer. At the time, the vessel Hoegh Sydney was in dry dock at our shipyard, and I was really fascinated by the size of the vessel. It made me curious of the technology behind it and Höegh Autoliners as a shipping company.”

“Ship designing, building and construction really interests me and something I would like to get to know firsthand. I like numerical calculations, and I want to use this ability to explore software and applications capable of modelling and designing ships. Also, I genuinely want to learn more about how shipping is done internationally and in Norway.”

“I hope I can contribute with new ideas and solutions, especially within the new building programs. Also, I want to provide support to managers and my team members, I see myself as a dedicated employee.”

“I look forward to learning about the maritime industry through different focus areas which will be presented at the five academic modules. I hope the program will bring me a deeper understanding of the international shipping industry through a network of different maritime professionals in various fields as a well as a broad overview preparing me for my future career.”

“Well, so far, my impression is that people at Höegh Autoliners are very open and welcoming. Both William Røed who is also a Maritime Trainee, and my mentor Sondre Nilsen have been extremely helpful and nice to me.”