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Ambercor and SARR arranges delivery for USA testing facility

In a joint project cooperation between Ambercor Shipping, Worldwide Project Consortium (WWPC) member in Canada and USA, and SARR Freights, fellow WWPC member in India, arranged an urgent delivery of a railway coach to a testing facility in New York, USA with dimensions of 23.16 x 3.20 x 3.96 meters and weighing 44 metric tons.

The cargo arrived at port of Newark, New Jersey, where it was loaded onto a special trailer for final delivery to Elmira, New York, USA, offloaded by using special designed ramps. The project involved full ocean freight service, road transport by using specialized rail trailer equipment, as well as customs clearance under CARNET document handling for temporary import, stevedoring, port handling, offloading service and local project management services.

Once testing has been completed the railway coach will be returned India.