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Rhenus opens sustainable warehouse near New Delhi

Rhenus Warehousing Solutions is continuing its growth strategy by opening a new multi-user chemical warehouse in Gurgaon in the New Delhi area; this comes in response to the increase in demand in the chemical and hazardous substances business.

Efficiency, cost-effectiveness and sustainability – these are the goals that Rhenus India is pursuing in constructing a new chemical warehouse, which features 20,000 square metres of space, in Gurgaon in the New Delhi area. Rhenus is reducing the ecological footprint of the new warehouse by using sustainable equipment and is creating a balance between sustainability and efficiency in its business operations. These measures include light-permeable plastic sheets to make the best possible use of daylight, a passive ventilation system, the use of modern battery-powered reach trucks and forklifts, and a green belt around the facility. The installation of solar panels is also planned.

In addition to standard integrated features such as hydrants and sprinkler systems, fire and smoke detection systems are being used to guarantee the safe storage of products in hazardous material classes 5, 6, 8 and 9. An extinguishing curtain also ensures maximum safety. Contaminated extinguishing water is collected in specially installed contamination tanks and pumped out separately.

Current studies predict that the Asian market for storing chemical products will continue to grow. Countries such as India are playing a major role in this market growth in the APAC region. “The increasing demand in the field of chemical products will affect the need for safe distribution and warehousing solutions in India. At Rhenus, we’re confronting this market development by expanding our capacity in the country and therefore offering our international clients attractive business opportunities. Modern and sustainable warehouse solutions are one of many elements in our overall package of services for supply chains,” says Marcus Fornell, Director of Rhenus Warehousing Solutions India.

Rhenus Warehousing Solutions is expanding its portfolio of individual solutions and value-added services for the Indian chemicals and hazardous goods sector by opening the new business site. Thanks to the excellent connections with important inland container depots (ICDs) and industrial centres in the area of New Delhi, the facility will meet the constant growth in market requirements in the surrounding area and beyond and can support clients and partners with tailor-made solutions. The network in India currently includes more than 31 warehouse locations with a total area of approx. 220,000 square metres and more than 2,000 specialist staff work at 70 business sites in India.