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Renowned energy security expert joins CakeBoxx

CakeBoxx Technologies, the global leader in specialized, high-value, and high-consequence cargo transportation platforms – and innovator of the first and only SAFETY Act-approved intermodal shipping container – announced the appointment of Scott Pugh as the company’s Science Advisor.

Scott will focus on emerging logistics challenges for the shipment and storage of complex systems, equipment, and materials essential to emerging energy technologies. He will work directly with CakeBoxx Technologies’ executive leadership and engineering and logistics teams to provide expert scientific guidance on supply chain requirements for the complex technologies now under development in the energy sector – including offshore wind, renewables, hydrogen, and nuclear power.

We’re bringing Scott on board now to continue building an amazing leadership team team.

“Transporting the world’s most important cargo has been a significant challenge for decades and is becoming increasingly complex,” said Daine Eisold, CakeBoxx Technologies Founder and CEO. “If any single component is stolen, damaged, or destroyed during shipment, major disruptive consequences occur – for companies, countries, and people counting on those assets being operational. CakeBoxx’s revolutionary transport platforms address these inherently complex challenges. This is a natural extension to our origin story,” Eisold explained. “CakeBoxx was introduced to the U.S. Government market by Battelle Memorial Labs in 2011, and our innovative and adaptive shipping containers for sophisticated defense materials were first recognized. Today, CakeBoxx customers are committed to climate resilience and environmental sustainability. Given our leadership in onshore wind, aerospace, defense, and other high-value supply chain transportation solutions, it is natural for the energy sector to look to CakeBoxx as a partner. We design and build advanced transportation and storage systems for these critical infrastructure supply chains.”

“We’re bringing Scott on board now to continue building an amazing leadership team that knows and understands the needs of our customers,” Eisold added. “Scott Pugh, our COO Jim Campbell, and CTO Sean Tan all have incredible operational and technical knowledge in defense, energy, and commercial markets. Our goal is to provide the absolute best customer experience, and the best way to accomplish this is by bringing the best leaders onboard.”

Eisold believes science and technology integration is essential to the evolution of transportation systems. CakeBoxx transport solutions are a critical component of these systems that not only improve safety and security but also reduce costs, improve speed to market, and enable growth.

Emerging markets in E.V., space, uncrewed vehicles, and sophisticated, final-mile goals all need innovative and capable transport systems. A key differentiator of CakeBoxx designs is a complete departure from standard eight-foot wide by twenty or forty-foot long parameters. This immediately allows shippers of heavy, wider, taller, and longer cargoes to have a safe and flexible option for shipping their complex products associated with these emerging markets. From massive wind turbines and jet engines to customized automotive, aerospace, defense, specialized materials, and numerous other non-conforming sizes, shapes, and assets of strategic importance, CakeBoxx works as an extension of their customer’s team to design and produce the safest and most secure transport solutions available. Pugh’s role will be focused on continued innovation at CakeBoxx to meet the needs of a wide range of industries whose products are critical to powering, protecting, and producing the essential parts of economies worldwide.

Pugh’s 29-year career in the United States Navy established him as an expert in engineering and physics, specifically in the fields of nuclear weapon electromagnetic effects, submarine technology, and nuclear propulsion. During his tenure in the Navy, Pugh served as the Naval Academy Director of Mathematics and Science, Branch Head of Pentagon Navy Special Programs, and Commanding Officer of the nuclear-powered attack submarine USS WHALE (SSN-638). After retiring from active duty in 2005, Pugh began working with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Science & Technology Directorate. He led multiple critical infrastructure security initiatives and held the lead position for a JASONs study of severe space weather impacts on the electric grid. In addition, Pugh has served in multiple senior government roles for energy security and efficiency, including working for the Department of Defense (DoD) at the Pentagon and on the White House National Science & Technology Council task force.

Pugh’s passion for the shipping industry has deep family roots. It began at an early age while living in Louisiana, where his father worked as an assistant port director. He would take his boat down the bayou to watch the ships enter the port to load and unload cargo from around the world, and it spurred a lifelong interest in the industry.

“CakeBoxx has become the global leader in developing shipping solutions that are transforming the speed, security, and safety of the most consequential cargo in the world, and I’m excited to help the company continue its tremendous trajectory,” said Pugh. “Inspired by my early interest in cargo shipping, long careers with the U.S. Navy and Department of Homeland Security, and extensive background in science, I am impressed with everything CakeBoxx is accomplishing with their transformational, customized container designs. I’m thrilled to bring my unique perspective and experience to the table to help CakeBoxx grow into new and expanding markets.”