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Jumbo-SAL deploys vessels to support Australian gas field

Jumbo-SAL-Alliance deployed the two heavy lift vessels Jumbo Jubilee and Jumbo Vision to support installation work on a natural gas field located offshore Western Australia.

The two vessels transported a total of 29 offshore reels up to 11.4-metres in diameter in two shipments from Newcastle (UK) and Le Trait (France) to the sheltered anchorage of West Lewis, Western Australia. From this location, their role was to remain on standby, transferring reels to the client’s offshore installation vessel when required.

As the project progressed, the project teams from both sides saw an opportunity to optimise operations by transferring the Jumbo Vision’s remaining cargo to the Jumbo Jubilee. In effect, the open communication and collaborative relationship between Jumbo-SAL-Alliance and the client released the Jumbo Vision from the project at an early stage, thereby significantly reducing the client’s vessel chartering costs.

The Jumbo Jubilee continued to be on standby for the duration of the project. This not only provided the client with the controlled low-risk storage of its offshore components, the Jubilee’s twin 900-tonne capacity cranes offered valuable flexibility for the client’s installation sequence.

As with all Jumbo-SAL-Alliance projects, attention to safety took priority. In addition to safe operations, this included a clear focus on safety regarding coronavirus prevention measures. This resulted in a covid-free situation being maintained throughout the project.