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Hellman Worldwide initiates Hellman helps to aid the Ukraine

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics initiated the establishment of a charitable organization named Hellmann helps.

The non-profit was designed to provide immediate help quickly and effectively, when and where it is urgently needed – as currently in Ukraine and other countries where refugees arrive. To support our initiative, we are collecting internal and external monetary donations as well as donations in kind. By doing so, Hellmann helps was able to acquire more than 135.000 EUR within a very short time. The amount will be donated to those affected in the war region.

Sustainability and a tradition of corporate activities supporting social causes have always been core values of the 150-year-old company. In the past, Hellmann has supported plenty of social and ecological projects – in Germany and all over the world. The inception of Hellmann helps extends this spirit through our employees and allows us to coordinate support for current and future charity projects in a more targeted fashion. In addition to crisis event-related ad hoc aid campaigns, the newly registered association will support longer-term charitable projects and other non-profit organizations, such as various sustainability or humanitarian initiatives.

“The war in Ukraine is an attack on peace in Europe and at the same time a humanitarian disaster. Through the association Hellmann helps we aim to provide direct help to our colleagues in the war region and also support selected charitable organizations – through donations of money and goods,” says Martin Eberle, Chairman of Hellmann helps and CFO Hellmann Worldwide Logistics.