Star Shipping delivers heavy transformer to the Punjab

KARACHI: September 13, 2019. Star Shipping Pakistan has recently delivered over-gauge flood gates to Panjnad Canal, Alipur in Pakistan that arrived from Shanghai, China and has successfully executed an offshore project of loading a hull & superstructure crane onto flat-top barge at Karachi Port destined for China.

Founded in 2004, the company has set several milestones in the country’s logistics industry by handling and delivering many over-dimensional and extra-heavy cargoes and complete projects, whether it’s a 30 metre-long girder or a transformer weighing 100 tons or more, from port of discharge in Karachi to every region of Pakistan.

“We’re well aware and trained to control and subdue the challenges during any in-land or aquatic movement,” commented Star Shipping director Muhammad Kamran.

“Pakistan is deemed as a lucrative market for logistics business; thus, Star Shipping Pakistan has launched [its] land route survey services to provide maximum technical support to its clients and to have a dynamic and stronger grip over the logistics industry of Pakistan,” he added.

A member of various international projects and logistics networks and ISO 9001:2015 certified, the company has carried out numerous challenging projects across Asia and Africa according to Kamran. “Star Shipping Pakistan is vigorously moving conventional, break-bulk, over-gauge and heavy cargoes and is the right choice for logistics management and supply chains solutions,” he declared.

Pictured: Star Shipping unloading a 5.9 metre x 3.0 metre x 3.9 metre 90-tonne transformer from Port Qasim before delivery to a site in the Punjab.