KGE in excavator move

KGE Baltic, member of the Project Logistics Alliance for Latvia, and fellow member representing Czech Republic, Livo Logistics, have teamed up to complete an interesting multi-modal shipment of an OOG Excavator from Tengiz, Kazakhstan to Pilsen, Czech Republic.

The cargo was loaded just before the New Year holiday on 30th Dec, and just before champagne opening time on the 31st, the truck was released. A tight schedule, but the teams managed it!

The excavator had a dimension of 12.20 x 3.00 x 3.50 meters, and weighed 51MT. The route chosen was Tengiz/St.Petersburg/Lübeck/Pilsen. After loading at the origin, the cargo headed to St. Petersburg, from where it sailed towards Lübeck, Germany, from there it completed the last mile towards Pilsen, Czech Republic.