BATI transports 200 tonnes of excavators

Bati Shipping and Trading SA, representing Turkey in the Project Logistics Alliance, is pleased to account for the completion of another project. This time, they have successfully transported five excavators weighing a total of 200 tons from Kazakhstan to Saudi Arabia.

These excavators, which were 40 tons each, were shipped from Tengiz in Kazakhstan to the Port of Iskenderun, Turkey.

They were then loaded onto a RORO vessel in Iskenderun to complete the last leg of the journey to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The scope of work undertaken by Bati was not only limited to transporting these excavators but also completing the transit custom formalities. Due to COVID-19, the projects team faced challenges at the border gates but are proud to have made it just in time for the cargo to be loaded onto the first RORO vessel in Turkey.

The Bati team is delighted to have completed yet another challenging project cargo shipment successfully and is looking forward to overcoming more such challenges.