40-day LNG journey for CHR

C.H. Robinson Project Logistics has transported three LNG (liquified natural gas) storage tanks.

The large tanks weighed in at 107.5mtn each and measured 28.0 x 4.8 x 4.8m. They were shipped from China to the Port of Pichilinque in Mexico.

The tanks travelled to the port in Zhangjiagang in China and were loaded onto the tween deck of an ocean vessel’s cargo hold using the ship’s cranes and supported by wooden planks and rubber dunnage. Each tank was secured by chains and welding stoppers wedged in place to prevent any movement during the sea voyage.

After a 40-day journey across the ocean, the tanks arrived at the Port of Pichilinque in Mexico and were discharged using the ships gear and loaded onto a 16-axle transport configuration for repositioning and offloading at the port’s storage facility. The final destination for the large tanks is currently undergoing civil work but once complete, C.H. Robinson will also help transport the three tanks to the location.