WACO members collaborate on engine projects

LONDON: May 2019. Dimotrans and WWG Consolidators have transported two turbofan jet engines from Charles de Gaulle Airport to Karachi Jinnah International Airport, Pakistan.

Pakistan-based WWG Consolidators partnered with Dimotrans in France, after WWG Consolidators won the tender to transport an Airbus a320 turbojet engine and a B777 engine in two separate projects. The total weight of the CFM56-5B4P Airbus A320 engine was 8800 kgs and the B777 GE90-94B weighed 9800 kgs.

“Aircraft engines are a non-conventional cargo shipment, so we took advantage of our French partner in WACO and asked Dimotrans to provide support at the European end of the project,” said Hassan Madni, director of Corporate Business Development for WWG. “WACO is all about being one company in many different countries and both shipments were completed seamlessly thanks to our relationship with our partner in France and their aerospace expertise.”

The engines were flown first to Doha and then on to Karachi Jinnah International Airport as replacements for existing units.

“The aim of WACO is to bring independent players in the freight management business together to collaborate, share resources, and gain new business opportunities through one platform,” explained Richard Charles, WACO System CEO.

“Both shipments went smoothly and without problems because of careful pre-flight planning and close coordination with our partner, WWG Consolidators,” added Louis-Philippe Figueiredo, Air Freight director, Dimotrans France.

“We collaborate with WACO members worldwide, and already have more upcoming projects in the pipeline with WWG Consolidators.”

Founded in 1973, WACO is the oldest independent global freight management and logistics organisation with a community of 120 members in 116 countries producing a combined annual turnover of US$4 billion.