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Hoegh to sponsor the Norwegian Rowing Federation

It is a pleasure to announce that Höegh Autoliners will be sponsoring the Norwegian Rowing Federation.

They will be supporting the athletes and the federation towards the Olympics and Paralympics in Paris this coming summer and will be onboard after the Games in France towards the 2028 Olympics.

Although the sizes of their vessels are incomparable to say the least, rowing is very compatible with the Höegh Autoliners’ values.

Both the federation and their world-class athletes fighting for silverware share their passion for clean oceans and spending time on the water. And the partnership signifies yet another dedication to a cleaner, more sustainable maritime environment – and a pledge to safeguard the seas they traverse.

Sailing for sustainability is not just something they say. It is a way of being. And one they have in common with the rowers. And their federation.

Hoegh are pleased to be able to support the Norwegian Rowing Federation and they wish them all the best in their build up to and at the Olympic Games in the summer.