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Aprojects unleashes the Panthers

Have you ever witnessed the incredible sight of flying panthers? If not, prepare to be amazed as Aprojects presents their next move from Antwerp of 6×6 fire fighting vehicles – powerful machines that have earned the moniker “Panthers”.

Together with AML – Antwerp Metal Logistics NV, Aprojects oversaw loading operations for two Panther 6×6 firefighting vehicles. The vehicles, each measuring a staggering 1185x300x376cm, weighed an impressive 21300 kilograms. The loading operations carried out in the busy Port of Antwerp went off without a hitch under the watchful eye of AML. The sheer size and weight of the Panther 6×6 vehicles required precise execution to ensure their safe placement within the cargo hold. These firefighting powerhouses are en route to Galisbay, Saint Martin.

As the machines make their way across the ocean, the Project Logistics Alliance team congratulates the collaborative efforts of Aprojects, AML and other stakeholders. Aprojects is represented by their Austrian office, Aprojects Austria, in the Project Logistics Alliance.