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Holzl takes delivery of new Tadano HK crane

Walter Hölzl, the managing director of Reichersbeuern, Bavaria-based crane service provider Hölzl Kran, can think of at least three good reasons to invest in their new HK 4.050-1 truck-mounted crane from Tadano.

“For one thing, in its powerful 32-tonne configuration, the machine can be driven on public roads anywhere in Europe without a special permit. For another, it really comes into its own in tight spaces thanks to its space-saving, flexible H-style outriggers that offer five different outrigger base settings. Plus it’s really simple and intuitive to operate – for a fully trained crane operator, everyday tasks like deploying the outriggers, adding and removing counterweight, and setting the configuration are pretty much self-explanatory,” he says. And he should know: he recently took delivery of a brand-new HK 4.050-1 from Tadano Area Sales Manager Hans Asam in Lauf.

Hölzl Kran will use its versatile new HK 4.050-1 for a wide range of tasks. “That includes jobs on more distant work sites – another thing for which it’s absolutely ideal, especially as it has lower fuel consumption and is less prone to carrier wear than an all terrain crane,” Walter Hölzl says, adding yet another key benefit to his list. The HK 4.050-1 is the latest addition to the Tadano contingent of his vehicle fleet, which already includes an ATF 70G-4, an ATF 100G-4 and an ATF 220 G-5.