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KGE transports bogies from India to Kazakhstan

KGE Logistics were recently nominated to transport three bogies from Kurali, India to Nur Sultan in Kazakhstan.

The out-of-gauge cargo was transported on a 40′ flat rack as well as one wagon. In terms of dimensions, the cargo was measured at 4.7 (L) 2.9 (W) 2.1 (H) meters with a weight of 9,675 kilograms.

Starting at Kurali, the shipment was picked up and moved on a flatbed to Mundra Port, where it travelled by ocean until it reached Georgia.

From Georgia, the three bogies were loaded onto a wagon before being moved to their final destination in Kazakhstan.

“Our highly trained staff conducted a survey in India and also in Georgia after loading, along with complete daily tracking which was provided to our customer with satisfactory feedback.”