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Tera Shipping contributes to Shell’s Timi Project

Tera Shipping, our members from Malaysia, were recently appointed to deliver a pedestal crane along with its accessories to Labuan for Shell’s Timi Project.

There were 5 packages in total, with a combined weight of 36 MT and a volume of 703 CBM. The largest piece of cargo was measured at 23.8 (L) 6.0 (W) x 6.0 (H) meters.

Due to the client’s decision for a full charter, Tera supplied a 250 ft barge paired with a 1,200 horsepower tugboat for the project.

The cargo was stationed at their client’s private jetty, before being lifted & loaded onto the barge with a 250-ton capacity barge crane.

Upon completion, the cargo was secured on the barge deck, fastened, and set sail to Labuan Shipyard in East Malaysia.

After berthing alongside Labuan Shipyard, the barge crew performed unfastening & hooking on scope. The cargo was then unloaded using a 198-ton capacity ringer crane.

“Tera is working on a second leg to load the offshore pedestal crane onto a dedicated PSV, and arrange sea fastening before it is delivered & installed onto the intended offshore platform.”