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Curtis & Lees and M-Star coordinate chemical boiler movement

Curtis & Lees, PCN members from Ireland, are pleased to share news of a successful project involving the transportation of a chemical boiler for a chemical plant in Cork.

Fellow PCN Member M-Star Projects also assisted in this shipment.

The cargo made it to the village of Ringaskiddy with a deep berth in Terminal Cork, where Curtis & Lees were responsible for arranging the safe movement of the cargo from Ringaskiddy to Little Island Plant – a distance of 19 km.

Due to the large size of the unit, transport was only available at 10:30 PM and it took approximately 4.5 hours to complete. The boiler featured dimensions of 12.4 x 6.3 x 5.2 m and weighed in at a whopping 49 T.

Multiple route surveys were carried out in advance due to substantial redevelopments within Cork City, such as new roads and bypasses. This required the careful consideration of numerous hazards: traffic lights & cones, telephone wires (most of which had to be lifted by Curtis & Lees) and more.

Finally, a letter run also needed to be organised for residents to not park their cars within the allocated time-frame.

Curtis & Lees produced a video in documentation of this shipment which can be viewed on their Youtube Channel.