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International Transport & Shipping celebrates 30th anniversary

ITS International Transport & Shipping was founded on May 27th, 1992.

This year, the company celebrates its 30th anniversary. Massimo Bianco, Javier Sanchez, and Fabrizio Cassai took over the company in 2009; one year later, they brought Patrick Bund on board to set up and expand the project department.

At that time, ITS had – everyone included – six employees, but ever since, with a clear vision and great enthusiasm, the experienced management team has steadily expanded and developed the company. Thus, road transport, event logistics, project transport and vehicle transport now also belong to the main competencies of ITS.

Meanwhile, the company is part of a strong network and a member of numerous large, international organizations. Today, 30 years after its foundation, ITS counts 25 employees.

Massimo Bianco, CEO of ITS says: “We look back on the last few years with joy, pride, and gratitude. Working in this industry is not always easy. Our team constantly shows full commitment, we are always available. I know that we owe our success not least to our terrific team. I am aware of what they achieve every day, and I am very proud of all of us.”

During the anniversary project, ITS adapted its logo and had an image cartoon produced. The animated film is intended to show in a simple and pleasant way that although ITS is not a giant corporation, the team nevertheless manages large, very complex and international projects in the field of transport with full commitment.

Irrespective of culture and language, the cartoon film is intended to draw customers’ attention to ITS worldwide.