Wallenius Wilhelmsen to use Josen anti-fouling system

SANDEFJORD, Norway: August 08, 2019. Marine coatings supplier Jotun is supplying Wallenius Wilhelmsen its Hull Performance Solutions (HPS) anti-fouling system for the company’s 42-vessel RoRo fleet.

HPS works to increase vessel efficiency, cut fuel costs and reduce CO2 emissions.

Fouling is a key contributor to the spread of invasive species across marine ecosystems and a major cause of hull inefficiency, leading to increased fuel consumption and emissions. Jotun cites studies that suggest fuel consumption of the global marine fleet could be reduced by up to 20 percent if all vessels were kept fouling free.

“As a company we are focused on enhancing sustainability and reducing the environmental impact of our operations – maintaining clean hulls is a key enabler for that,” commented Geir Fagerheim, Wallenius Wilhelmsen SVP Marine Operations. “With HPS we can not only achieve this objective, but we also open a digital window onto how hull condition affects fleet-wide performance, efficiency and emissions, creating a culture of transparency and accountability.

“We believe this kind of partnership can be an important platform for building an increasingly sustainable shipping industry, helping inform better decision making and creating new solutions for the future,” he added.

Jotun launched its HPS concept in 2011 that has since been applied to nearly 1,000 vessels. The company manufactures decorative paints, marine, protective and powder coatings from 40 production facilities worldwide. Sales in 2018 totalled NOK 17.7 billion.

Pictured left to right: Ulf Skovli, Regional Sales director, Jotun Marine Scandinavia and Geir Fagerheim, SVP Marine Operations, Wallenius Wilhelmsen.