Premier in 68 tonne India-Bangladesh shipment

Premier Logistics has delivered seven over-dimensional pieces with a maximum single weight of 68tn, width of 7.08m and height of 6.43m, from India to Bangladesh.

The cargo was transported from various locations in Northern & Central India to Kandla Port on Premier Global Logistics company-owned axles and then shipped by the Ocean7 breakbulk vessel, MV Marmina, to Chittagong Port, Bangladesh.

Managing Director, Rajesh Gupta says; “The highlight of this shipment was to orientate and tilt one of the pieces on a bracket frame by 2 x 75tn capacity cranes at Kandla Port (as photographed right). This was due to restrictions in receiving the unit at Chittagong Port on barges and the delivery to site into the project housing chamber in a hydro power turbine house.”