PLA’s Tandem in double aircraft engine move

PLA member Tandem Logistics has finalized an export operation for two aircraft engines from Tunis to Aqaba (Door to Pier). The first survey was made on the 06/11/2019 to determine the dimensions and weight of each unit.

Each engine was placed on a cradle. Details are as follows:
Dimensions (LxWxH in mm) : 4950 x 2490 x 2850 each
Weight: 5600 Kg each (including cradles)

Tandem was appointed to handle lashing and pre-carriage of these 2 units from Tunisair premises until Rades port and then from Rades port until Aqaba port using an FR40 with CMA CGM. This was also due to the fact that the customer asked for the lowest price solution.

Operations was completed 2 days ago with success despite a lot of obstacles (customs clearance not ready yet, no forklift to be able to discharge the container from the truck: Tandem had to proceed with the lashing above the truck; no adapted tarpaulin: Tandem, therefore, had to make do with a “traditional” one. However, thanks to the expertise of the Tandem team, now all containers are at Rades port waiting for vessel departure. Please see some pictures of the operation from the first survey until covering the units with a tarpaulin.