Nora charters bulk vessel for Somali aid

Nora International has successfully chartered a bulk vessel for humanitarian aid to Somalia on behalf of the Turkish Red Crescent.

The vessel, MV ATA, was chartered from Derince Port, Turkey to Mogadishu port, Somalia with a deadweight of 17,800 tons. The aid included non-commercial products such as 5000 tons of flour (200,000 bags), 5000 tons of sugar (100,000 bags), as well as aid materials for schools construction, children’s clothing, books for kids, and other aid materials.

The loading operations took 20 days at Derince port. Transit time was 17 days with a frigate escort from the Turkish Navy during the crossing of the Aden Gulf, where there is still the risk of piracy attacks. M/V ATA took another 15 days for discharging it at Mogadishu port.

Thanks to Nora International’s hard work, the vessel departed from Derince to Mogadishu without any problem and the voyage also went smoothly. All materials have been delivered to the final destinations successfully. Due to the special humanitarian aspect of this project, the final consignee is not a factory or a company, but it is the people who need food, clothes, medicine, and school materials for children. It was a great pleasure for the Nora Family to handle such an important project that would help humanity and the people who are trying to survive in a very unfriendly environment.