MS-Fehn and Prangl set for more

MS-Fehn-Group and Prangl have renewed their partnership, declaring an intention to continue working closely together on selected projects.

The companies cooperate have been cooperating already successfully in the wind farm project Markbygden in northern Sweden for more than two years. Both companies expect substantial growth potential in an intensified cooperation.

With its mobile cranes, heavy haulage equipment, work platforms, forklifts, lifting and handling systems Prangl GmbH is one of the 10 largest crane companies in Europe. The Vienna-based company has 15 branches in Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia and Croatia.

EMS-Fehn-Group comprises of 21 companies active in chartering, project logistics, special transport, crane service, port handling, yacht transport, warehousing, crewing and shipping. EMS-Fehn-Group is represented in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Norway, Latvia, Russia, Italy, Croatia, Albania and North Macedonia.

The management of both companies expect considerable synergies by implementing a close collaboration in the crane and heavy transport sector, coordinated on a project-by-project basis. Special growth potential is seen in the markets in the Balkans.

Both partners complement not only in business areas and in business regions. At least as important is the similar company philosophy, which aims at a sustainable business. As owner- managed groups of companies both are orientated on long-term growth.