Höegh provides RoRo option for largest breakbulk shipment from Port of Ennore

ENNORE, India: August 05, 2019. Höegh Autoliners says the recent record shipment of a 28-metre windmill blade from Ennore, India to Shanghai is an example of why breakbulk via RoRo is better than Lift On-Lift Off via MPV.

Port captain for Höegh Autoliners India Lester Fernandes commented: “This was a bold step as no RoRo carrier had handled such long breakbulk cargo from Ennore port before.”

According to Fernandes the shipper had previously used conventional Lift On-Lift Off vessels and was “positively surprised” when Höegh said it would guarantee underdeck stowage and the operational risk could be significantly reduced with less lifting of the cargo.

Atuldutt Sharma, Höegh’s Breakbulk Sales manager in India explained: “This can be compared to the cargo operations performed with a Lift On-Lift Off vessel, where the windmill blade would likely travel a distance of 10 to 12 meters horizontally hanging 15-20 meters above the ground.”

Höegh’s was able argue it provided increased operational safety with roll-on compared to lift on where the windmill blade is only supported by two frames; less opportunity for damage with undercover stowage for such a large item; and a regular liner service rather than on demand sailing: The company operates a regular direct monthly service from Ennore to Shanghai and other ports in East and South East Asia.