GAC wins license for Malaysia oil and gas industry

MALAYSIA: September 02, 2019. GAC Malaysia has been awarded a license to provide bunkering, freight forwarding, shipping and non-bonded warehousing services for Malaysia’s national oil and gas company Petronas.

The license allows GAC Malaysia to provide services both to the oil & gas upstream sector in Malaysia and the downstream sector for the Petronas Group of Companies.

Petronas is also the authority responsible for the licensing of third-party contractors, services and equipment providers in the industry.

“As the world’s third largest LNG exporter and the second largest oil and natural gas producer in Southeast Asia, Malaysia’s regional oil & gas hub status is the source of growing business opportunities in both the upstream and downstream sectors,” commented Mike Camara, GAC Malaysia’s managing director. “With this license, we are now open to more opportunities, and can provide support to Petronas projects, as well as projects by its joint venture partners for offshore blocks and their multinational vendors, some of whom are already GAC’s customers in other parts of the world.”

GAC operates 11 offices in Malaysia including one in Labuan, the country’s main oil and gas supply base, one at Kemaman Supply Base and one in Bintulu.

Based in the Petronas Towers, officially opened on Malaysia’s 42nd National Day on August 31, 1999 by Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, who was the country’s fourth prime minister at the time, Petronas celebrated its 45th anniversary on August 17 with the same guest of honour and current prime minister.