CH Robinson in four-module move

C.H. Robinson has moved four large module units from manufacturer to port for a long-term client.

The modules varied in size from the smallest at 32 x 7.65 x 9.1 meters, 128.15 metric tons to the largest at 43.8 x 9.25 x 9 meters, 352.82 metric tons. In total, the cargo weighed in at 965.8 metric tons and had a volume of 11,606 cubic meters.

Due to the size and weight of the modules, SPMTs (self-propelled modular trailers) were required to get the units to the terminal. Although the distance between the manufacturer and the port was only a kilometer, moving massive equipment takes extra time and planning. The SPMTs needed to be assembled and the units could only be moved one piece at a time. To top it off, SPMTs only travel a half kilometer per hour so extra patience is required.

C.H. Robinson’s global network of experts knew time management and good communication were vital in securing a successful outcome. Export customs clearance had to be secured before the cargo could be released by China Customs, and timing was critical, prior to the vessel’s arrival. The modules also had to be moved to the front of the terminal, in order to be loaded onto the ocean vessel by the ship’s gear.

Communication with the trucking company had to take place at least three weeks in advance, to order the required SPMTs. There was also ongoing communication with the shipowner, our agent, and the terminal to ensure the specific position of each module alongside the ship for direct loading to the vessel. Failure to communicate in detail and regularly could have resulted in delays leading to vessel detentions.

C.H. Robinson’s knowledgeable and experienced logistics experts constructed a detailed, professional transport plan to avoid any surprises and to ensure everything went smoothly. The expertise and attention to detail paid off when the modules were safely loaded onto the ocean vessel to set sail for Nigeria.