Ampelmann completes North Sea oil and gas sector lifts

DELFT, Netherlands: September 02, 2019. Dutch offshore access provider Ampelmann has completed its first oil and gas sector lifts for Olympic Vessel Holdings in support of an Apache Oil Corporation North Sea subsidiary.

Over the course of 30 days, the company’s E1000 transfer system moved 1,925 people and 118 tonnes of cargo in 354 lifts on a 12.1 metres pedestal operating nearly 40 metres above sea level. The system in the Walk to Work (W2W) industry enables the safe transfer of personnel as well as cargo of up to 1,000kgs to a single point mooring (SPM).

“The use of the E1000 at SPM2 and 3 has showcased how innovations can transform the way we work,” said Lorenz Nehring, Business Development manager UK & Norway at Ampelmann. “The trust that Apache put in our onshore and offshore teams has paid off and we are pleased to have safely delivered this project.”

The system supported critical maintenance work on SPM3 and provided significant benefit to Apache during the helideck refurbishment on SPM2, said the company.

Ampelmann claims a track record of over 3.8 million safe people transfers and 5,000,000kgs of cargo transfers in 200 projects worldwide. Jan van der Tempel, founder and CEO commented: “Our team spirit, coupled with an ambitious development plan and a strong focus on innovation, helps us with setting new standards and serving our clients with the safest and most cost effective offshore access solutions for both people and cargo transfers.”