“In order to realise sustainable growth, we are integrating sustainability into our strategy, brands and innovation. We are working with our customers and suppliers, engaging employees and forging new partnerships. With over seven billion people on our planet, the earth’s resources can be strained. This means sustainable, equitable growth is the only acceptable model of growth for our business. We believe growth and sustainability are not in conflict. In fact, in our experience, sustainability drives growth.” – Unilever.

“Over the next 15 years, about US$90 trillion will be invested in infrastructure in the world’s cities, agriculture and energy systems. The world has an unprecedented opportunity to drive investment in low-carbon growth, bringing multiple benefits including jobs, health, business productivity and quality of life.” – The Global Commission on the Economy and Climate.

“Accenture research shows that unless current trends are reversed, resource supply disruptions coupled with rising and increasingly volatile prices will in the next two decades translate into trillion-dollar losses for companies and countries whose growth remains tied to the use of scarce and virgin natural resources.” – Accenture. 

“Our world has increased in complexity and dynamism over the last few years. Companies can be successful long-term in this environment only if they satisfy both with competitive business solutions and responsible actions.” Frank Appel, CEO Deutsche Post DHL.

FreightWeek provides an opportunity for manufacturers and their multimodal logistics suppliers to promote thought leadership and sustainable business practices in an industry without which the global economy would cease. Within our media pack you’ll find all the information you need to make an informed choice about where you can place your advertising for the coming year. A full features list is included, alongside our competitive advertising rates in three currencies.

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