TNL spends busy day in Auckland

TNL International team was busy lifting a new 42ft Sailing Catamaran into the water at the Ports of Auckland.

The catamaran had arrived from Europe on a RORO vessel, and the 20m mast was trucked to the marina by road separately.

Working closely with the port personnel, stevedores, and crane operator, Richard Thorpe was again on hand to ensure all went smoothly. This included escorting the owner’s representative and assistant onto the port, liaising with the stevedores and crane operator during the lift and finally ensuring the owner’s rep and colleague safely transferred from the wharf and onto the catamaran.

The work that TNL Pindar does is undoubtedly variable, and the most crucial aspect of the work is the planning that goes into each job so that when the time comes, it all goes smoothly for the client. TNL International represents New Zealand in the Project Logistics Alliance.