Sarens Kangoo deployed at TCO project

Sarens Renault Kangoo was deployed at one of the most prestigious projects of Sarens, the TCO project.

The vehicle was used to transport SPMTs during the TCO FGP project in Tengiz, Kazakhstan. Upon completion of the project the vehicle was donated to the Atyrau Malenkaya Strana established in 2013 and currently supporting 600 disabled children.

Sarens has accomplished great engineering strides and successful projects. We are thankful to the industry for giving us so much and we take it as our responsibility to give back to the society and the environment. Continuing with our tradition we decided to contribute towards the people of Kazakhstan where we undertook our prestigious TCO project.

The vehicle will be used for the movement of the children of the organisation from Atyrau city to the social village located outside Atyrau to attend special treatment sessions conducted by volunteers and other company events.

The vehicle was handed over in a short ceremony organised at the Sarens Atyrau office on May 19th in Atyrau city, Kazakhstan in the presence of Sarens Kazakhstan office staff and the representatives from the public organisation.

Raikhan Yesseyeva, Administrative Director of Sarens KZ says, “As part of Sarens social initiatives we are happy to support these children and we sincerely hope our contribution helps to make their a little better and brighter and help in their treatment.”

Yerlan Kumiskaliyev, Director of the public association, thanked Sarens KZ LLP for the cooperation and stated that Sarens initiative will help the children and serve as an example for the other businesses in Atyrau.