HAROPA selects consortium for maritime works

HAROPA – Port of Le Havre selected the consortium comprising Eiffage Génie Civil, ETMF, ETPO, NGE Fondations and SDI to carry out the maritime works at the Joannès Couvert quay.

To handle the extraordinarily large and heavy components used in wind power (blades nearly 100 metres long and cargo loads weighing 800 tonnes), the Joannès Couvert quay needs modification work to increase its capacity to 25 tonnes per square metre.

HAROPA – Port of Le Havre has commissioned works including the creation of two berths along 400 metres of the current quay: a 200 m quay named “Jack-up” where vessels will moor to be loaded with heavy components stored on the quayside; a 200 m quay known as “Lo-Lo” dedicated to import and export of various components.

Specifically, the upper part of the current quay will be cut to a height of four metres. A reinforced concrete slab will be supported on metal piles and the lower part of the existing structure in order to strengthen it.

Execution of this project will require: around a hundred 30-metre-high metal piles over two metres in diameter; more than 500 bored concrete piles over a metre in diameter.

Construction of these two quays also involves work to reinforce the sea floor of the Théophile Ducrocq basin. At the base of the quay, a layer of aggregate will be laid to reinforce the seabed.