Sarens assists LNG plant in Algeria

Sarens was asked by their client Renaissance for Airproduct to execute heavy lifts and installation of refinery equipment at the LNG plant in Arzew, Algeria.

Sarens had to lift the Coldbox, lox tank, lin tanks, and other equipment. The most important component was the 47m long cold box weighing 150T. The team decided to deploy:CC2800-1 with SSL 72m main boom length and QUY260.

The main crane was selected keeping in mind the length of the 47m long cold box which was the most critical section to be lifted. The equipment was transported from Sarens yard in Algeria and was assembled in 4 days.

The heavy lifts are part of the revamp of the LNG plant built in the 1970s. This project will help reduce maintenance costs, reduce gas consumption rates, and maintain LNG gas production at the GL1Z plant.