Flow Water ballast system to save 1.3 billion kgs CO2 a year

LIMASSOL, Cyprus: September 30, 2019. Flow Water Technologies, developer of the Ballast Water Management System (BWMS) FlowSafe, expects the system to save customers 1.3 billion kgs. of CO2 a year.

The carbon-neutral solution will be primarily installed on tankers with a vertical single-stage centrifugal Framo pump, powered by a hydraulic motor, and can be fitted at sea between the engine room and steering gear room without having to move existing machinery.

The company says research by an independent university has verified its BWMS delivers a fuel saving, in energy terms, in any configuration on a vessel.

“That is the equivalent CO2 saving of 222,000 average family cars’ use per year,” according to Flow Water CEO Mark Hadfield.

Originally developed for tankers with Framo-type pumps and pump rooms, FlowSafe can also be fitted in bulkers with Gravity Discharge.

“International Maritime Organisation (IMO) G9 Basic Approval has been awarded, IMO G9 Final Approval has been submitted, and we are soon to be submitting for US Coast Guard Type Approval,” added Hadfield.

Established in 2013, Flow Water offers a wealth of knowledge and engineering expertise in marine water treatment, assembly and manufacturing to provide customers with a sustainable ballast water treatment solution.