Royal Cargo delivers generator for supercritical power plant

LUZON, The Philippines: September 24, 2019. Royal Cargo has completed the discharge and delivery of the Unit 2 Steam Turbine Generator for the completion of the GNPower Dinginin (GNPD) Power Plant Project.

GNPD is a new project in Battan to build the largest coal-fired power facility in the Philippines consisting of 2×660 MW supercritical plants.

MV BBC Amber delivered a total of 135 generator shipments totalling 1,200 tons with the heaviest piece weighing 360 tons.

Royal Cargo handled the unloading operations at the jetty, by offloading all the heavy units via a 4,000 DWT roll-off vessel before transferring the heavy cargo using a Self Propelled Transporter.

Site Project manager Jonathan Baldomero said handling of was a challenge given the vital nature of the equipment to the power plant project.

Coal-fired Supercritical power plants use so-called ‘high efficiency, low emission’ technology to derive more heat out of coal compared to conventional coal-fired plants.

The US$1.5 billion GNPD project will meet the increasing electricity demand of Luzon and Visayas and is scheduled for completion next year.