No pressure on AAL for lift of 86 metres

MAP TA PHUT, Thailand: September 25, 2019. Project heavy lift carrier AAL has completed the delivery of large petrochemical plant components from Pyeongtaek, South Korea to Map Ta Phut, Thailand.

The units are to be installed at one of Thailand’s largest integrated manufacturers of olefins and polyolefins – produced for the agriculture, automotive, medical, building & infrastructure sectors.

The 19,000 DWT AAL Dampier, one of the company’s S-Class heavy lift vessels with a 700-tonne maximum lift, was used to ship the individual items that totalled 15,000 cubic metres, the largest of which was a pressure vessel measuring 86 metres in length and weighing close to 360 tonnes.

The delivery was booked via AAl’s chartering desk in Korea, operated by its Australia Office and engineered and supervised by its team in Singapore.