Cheaper and longer-lasting alternative to lead-acid battery launched

BRUNNEN/SCHWYZ, Switzerland: September 25, 2019. Swiss battery system manufacturer ecovolta has launched a lithium-ion traction battery for forklifts with a 50 percent cut in charge costs compared to lead-acid batteries.

The company says it is offering support to companies in integrating the new solution into their existing logistics systems.

Each ‘evoTractionBattery’ can be monitored individually via the cloud, which makes it possible to check battery data and manage charging online.

Traditional lead-acid batteries can only be discharged to 50 percent of their capacity at most, whereas 90 percent of the capacity of ecovolta’s lithium-ion batteries can be used, the company claims.

Additionally, the new generation of batteries can be charged and discharged 3,000 times, compared to only 1,200 times for lead-acid batteries.

“Until now, lithium-ion technology hadn’t caught on in logistics since the increased initial capital costs put a cap on the economic viability in comparison to lead-acid batteries. But the evoTractionBattery is changing that, enabling a 10-kWh lead-acid battery to be quickly and easily replaced by a 5-kWh lithium-ion solution at a low cost,” commented ecovolta CTO Paul Hauser.