Taiwan heavy haulage companies go Goldhofer

TAIPEI: July 05, 2019. Sea & Land Integrated Corp., one of Taiwan’s leading heavy haulage operators, has ordered an additional 28 PST/SL-E axle lines to its fleet of 94 Goldhofer PST and THP axle lines.

“In view of the continuing high level of demand for construction site logistics, we have decided to order additional vehicles from Goldhofer for handling ultra-heavy loads,” noted Charlie Chien, vice president of Sea & Land Integrated. The new lines will be used in Taiwan to transport heavy and outsized plant components for the energy industry and oil refineries, he added.

“For more than 20 years the Heavy Machine Division of Sea & Land Integrated has placed its trust in our transport solutions,” said Jean-Philippe Martin, Goldhofer regional director of Sales. “[The company’s] versatile and flexibly combinable components enable customers to create tailored vehicle configurations for the most diverse haulage operations.”

Another Taiwanese project cargo company, Chi Deh Crane Engineering based in Hsinchu City, has ordered a Goldhofer 550 blade transport device for delivery later this month to support wind farm projects in Mainland China.

Martin commented: “Over the many years in which Goldhofer and Chi Deh have enjoyed a strong partnership, we have always been able to master the new challenges and grow together.”

Mr. Hu, (pictured) chairman of Chi Deh, is continuing a tradition that began almost 40 years ago and has been a Goldhofer customer since 2000. The company fleet now includes mechanically steered PST/SL self-propelled vehicles, modular THP/SL heavy-duty systems and electronically steered PST/SL-E self-propelled vehicles. The addition of the FTV 550 means the company is now ideally equipped to deliver wind turbine components to the remotest locations, Martin added.

The Goldhofer Group, with its origins in Memmingen and Ostfildern, Germany over 300 years ago, has around 800 employees designing and producing practical heavy haul and special transport solutions.