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First Global successfully transports oversized steam ducts to Mozambique

Project Logistics Alliance’s member First Global Logistics representing Egypt is happy to report the seamless transportation of oversized steam ducts from Door in Egypt to the Port of Maputo in Mozambique.

The project involved moving two units of steam ducts measuring 11.4 x 5.00 x 3.4 meters and a volumetric capacity of 193.8 CBM.

First Global Logistics executed an extensive scope of operations to ensure safe and efficient cargo delivery. The meticulous process involved: Conducting a thorough cargo survey at the site; Securing necessary road and traffic permits for transportation; Arranging the pickup of empty flat racks from the port and transporting them to the shipper’s premises on the 10th of Ramadan; Efficiently stuffing and loading the two steam ducts onto the 40′ flat rack at the shipper’s premises; Using wooden dunnage to distribute the payload’s weight evenly on the flat rack; Securely lashing the steam ducts in accordance with the client’s specifications; Transporting the loaded flat rack from the shipper’s premises to Damietta port; Managing customs clearance procedures; Overseeing port handling and meticulous documentation; Arranging for ocean freight from Egypt to Maputo, Mozambique.

Throughout this complex logistics process, First Global Logistics encountered various challenges and navigated innovative solutions: Initially, the consignee requested the shipment to be transported as a breakbulk due to its overwidth. However, finding a cost-effective alternative became crucial. After extensive deliberation and collaboration with a carrier, it was agreed to load the shipment onto a 40′ out-of-gauge (OOG) flat rack.

Another obstacle arose when seeking approval to load the shipment underdeck. This presented difficulties due to the double handling required at transhipment ports. To address this, the maximum length of each unit was limited to 11.4 meters despite their actual length of 12 meters. This strategic adjustment facilitated loading as a flat rack instead of a breakbulk, significantly reducing shipping costs for the consignee.
(Picture Credit: First Global Logistics)

With attention to detail, the units were carefully loaded onto the flat rack and securely transported to the port using a flatbed trailer. Ensuring the safety of the cargo throughout the journey, the steam ducts were safely loaded under deck inside the vessel, ultimately reaching their destination in Maputo with complete customer satisfaction. The successful completion of this intricate transportation project is a testament to First Global Logistics’ commitment to delivering innovative solutions and ensuring the efficient movement of oversized cargo. Congratulations Team First Global Logistics.