Fortune International coordinates transport to Ivory Coast

Fortune International Transport, PCN members from Italy, recently coordinated the transport of a large plant – built in Tunisia and destined for the Ivory Coast – remotely from their office in Segrate.

“Thanks to technology, it is possible to manage international transport from the comfort of your home.”
With something as simple as a modern smartphone, it was possible for Fortune to not only track the cargo from its factory to the Port of Sousse, but to check the progress of the boarding as well as lashing and welding operations.

The port surveyor sent a series of photographs throughout the day and the following night until the boarding was complete. The ship was then monitored daily and, upon arrival in Abidjan, landing control operations were repeated.

The cargo was then delivered – along with other special trucks – to the area where the plant was to be assembled.

“Fortune International Transport operatives are already working to coordinate the movement of other plants to be moved from one part of the globe to another!”