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Rhenus commits to carbon-neutral FCL by 2045

Rhenus is moving towards carbon-neutral on its global full-container-load (FCL) services following its earlier commitment towards less-than-container-load (LCL) products, taking further steps in its sustainability roadmap.

As a leading global logistics service provider, the Rhenus Group will neutralise the carbon emissions of all global FCL products by 2045. Taking on a customer-driven approach, Rhenus is actively searching for sustainable transportation options, from carriers to customers. The company is also working on a tool to promote overall carbon footprint visibility for its Air & Ocean shipments globally, exploring biofuel alternatives to achieve fewer emissions and seeking more partnership opportunities as part of its plans in the pipeline.

This follows the company’s earlier announcement at the end of 2021 to commit to carbon neutrality for all its LCL products by 2030. The initiative achieved positive results soon after, as Rhenus reached its first milestone in its LCL carbon-neutral journey with the pilot project launch of all shipments from its Central European Gateway, Germany, to be carbon-neutral starting this year. To follow suit, a carbon-neutral certificate has also been issued by ClimatePartner for all the export shipments completed in the first quarter of 2022.

“Rhenus is striving to spearhead the transition of the logistics sector into a more sustainable industry. The team is constantly looking into ways to contribute and set an example in developing greener and more sustainable transportation modes for ocean freight shipments. That is why we have started to focus on delivering green solutions to the intra-Asia market, one of the fastest growing trade lanes in the world, before we further scale these initiatives to other trades,” said Jan Harnisch, CEO Rhenus Air & Ocean Global. The new FCL initiative will complete the overall Rhenus Ocean Freight products strategy towards carbon neutrality and provide a more sustainable shipment mode for Rhenus customers starting from the intra-Asia trade lane.