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Bollore Logistics Vietnam embarks on reforestation project

Bolloré Logistics Vietnam has embarked on a mangrove reforestation project in collaboration with MangLub Vietnam Social Enterprise, as part of its plans to contribute back to the environment and community where they operate.

The project, which will take place over four years, will restore 2,220 Rhizophora Apiculata[1] mangrove trees in one hectare on Ban Islet[2].

With the local mangrove population on the decline in recent years, the decision was made to sponsor the reforestation at this islet after a survey trip in May 2022, in alignment with local policies that favor the planting of different mangrove species on new islets. This will also help to protect the livelihoods of more than half the population who depend on agriculture (39%) and fishery/food (20%) sectors for a living.

“Being in the business of logistics means that the nature of our operations will inevitably affect the environment directly or indirectly. The objective of this project was to develop a natural “compensation” system to mitigate the impact of port development on biodiversity and the environment,” said Anne Ferteux, Head of Sales, Bolloré Logistics Vietnam.

The trees were planted in September 2022 and will be handed over to the local Forestry sub-department in September 2026 with at least 80% of the total mangrove trees intact.

“We chose this mangrove reforestation project also because mangroves can help to protect coasts and preserve livelihoods of the local communities, in addition to contributing to the greater ecological system,” added Can Trieu, QHSE Assistant Manager, Bolloré Logistics Vietnam.

Establishing its first office in Ho Chi Minh City in 1989, Bolloré Logistics Vietnam has made its long-term commitment to the country through a variety of corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities. Funding this reforestation project highlights the company’s commitment to caring for the natural environment and ensuring continuity for future generations by boosting coastal protection from tsunamis and cyclones.