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New Tadano crane for Emil Egger

When it comes to erecting tower cranes, the team at Emil Egger AG has a clear predilection for Tadano all terrain cranes.

After having put a Tadano AC 7.450-1 into operation at the start of the year, the company has now followed that up with another Tadano in the form of an AC 5.160-1 that will be predominantly used to erect tower cranes. The crane, which is Emil Egger’s most recent acquisition, was handed over by Tadano Sales Manager Michael Zieger.

The design behind the AC 5.160-1 makes it the perfect choice for its planned purpose: With a width of 2.75 meters, a total length of only 14.51 meters, and a highly responsive five-axle steering system, it is able to maneuver perfectly when working at sites where space is tight. In addition, it has the largest reach of any crane in its class thanks to a main boom with a length of 68 meters. “Together with its excellent lifting capacities, this means that it’s the ideal choice for erecting tower cranes. Not to mention that this makes it a perfect fit for our fleet,” says Michael Egger, part of the Swiss crane experts’ management team, when explaining his purchase decision. He then adds that he also found the AC 5.160-1 to be rather compelling as a result of its cost-effectiveness, which is in no small part the result of a single-engine design, a start-stop function, and an intelligent engine management system that reduce both operating costs and the need for maintenance. The highly cost-effective nature of the crane is also due to the IC‑1 Plus crane control system, which makes it possible to always take full advantage of the maximum available lifting capacity under all conditions, enabling the crane to take care of lifts that would otherwise require a larger crane. “The IC‑1 Plus is simply an incredible technological highlight as far as we’re concerned, and I’m talking from experience given that our AC 7.450-1 also features it,” underscored Michael Egger, who is more than happy to point out that his company has always had good experiences with the cranes from Lauf and Zweibrücken. In fact, Emil Egger’s fleet is not just limited to the aforementioned AC 7.450-1, but also includes an AC 500-8, as well as an AC 5.130-1 that the new AC 5.160-1 will be replacing as an upgrade.