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C.H. Robinson hauls turbine components to Texas

The project logistics experts at C.H. Robinson, who are our members from Canada, were recently chosen for a project involving the movement of over 197,790 cubic meters of wind turbine components from a laydown yard in Kansas to a wind farm in Texas.

Rising fuel costs and a shortage of qualified drivers for this type of freight added challenges to the project, however, that didn’t stop C.H. Robinson from being able to help their client. On top of this, specialised trucks were required for transportation during this project.

Due to their scale and network of contract carriers, all 56 complete wind turbines traveled the 140 miles to the new wind farm.

“In all, it took 560 truckloads and 48 days to transport the 16,402 metric tons of equipment to the site, which included 168 wind blades measuring 62.2 x 3.94 x 2.9 meters each.”