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Bollore BIODIV Project unveiled at launch of LOGIN

On September 8, in Le Havre, about 300 students, professors-researchers and partners from the engineering school of Le Havre Normandy University attended the presentation of innovation and educational projects labeled by ISEL (Institut supérieur d’études logistiques), as part of its LOGIN (Logistics Innovation) chair.

Bolloré Logistics’ BIODIV was thus presented by Valérie Pira, CSR Manager and Biodiversity Referent for the company. This two-year mission aims to study the impact and the margins of progress in terms of the preservation of biodiversity for the company’s transport and logistics activities throughout its value chain.
In the logic of life cycle analysis, how can we better quantify and qualify the impacts of the activities of the company, its customers and suppliers on biodiversity in order to have a global vision of them all over the world? What methodology accepted and recognized by all stakeholders should be applied for this sector, like the carbon footprint, to meet climate challenges?

With the support of Laure Frémeaux, from the ecological consulting firm Elan, the CSR Department of Bolloré Logistics with its Biodiversity Committee and the teams of biodiversity referents and ambassadors will work on this innovative subject in partnership with research professors from the LOGIN chair, a space for reflection and innovation for the logistics of today and tomorrow, whose objective is to create interaction between the projects of partner companies and its educational lessons.

The implementation and monitoring of Bolloré Logistics’ biodiversity policy on its buildings labeled BiodiverCity® and certified Biodiversity Commitment by Ecocert since 2015 have made it possible to identify interesting actions that can be duplicated in its international network, in particular via the internal AcTogether challenge.
The objective is to ensure that as many of the company’s agencies as possible gradually implement local action plans in order to respond to the company’s priority challenges with regard to biodiversity (preservation of biodiversity in its offices and hubs, reduction of the impacts on biodiversity of its activities, the activities of its customers and the activities of its suppliers).

Named a Company Committed to Nature in 2021 by act4nature France, an initiative led by the French Office for Biodiversity, Bolloré Logistics is strengthening its policy in favor of biodiversity with specific voluntary commitments from the Powering Sustainable Logistics CSR program deployed internationally at horizon 2025.