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Hiab launches new heavy range loader crane

Hiab, part of Cargotec, launches the new HIAB iQ.958 HiPro heavy loader crane with the new advanced operating system SPACEevo to improve productivity and safer operation.

Due to its design, it delivers an excellent lift-to-weight ratio. The crane will be exhibited by Hiab at IAA, pavilion P35, in Hannover, Germany, 20 – 25 September.

The HIAB iQ.958 HiPro is a 90 tonne metre ™ heavy range crane. It is the second model in the iQ range with the advanced technology platform introduced with the HIAB iQ.1188 HiPro.

The HIAB iQ.958 HiPro structurally builds on the V12-Power boom shape design for the crane and the JIB. The result is an extremely light and compact crane with an under two metres side section that can be installed on smaller trucks within the 4 axle 32 tonnes GVW (gross vehicle weight) category, leaving plenty of loading capacity that can reduce the number of trips needed. The lower vehicle weight when unloaded and subsequent need for fewer trips contributes to lower fuel consumption and reduced CO2 emissions in the customer’s operation.

The crane uses the new control system SPACEevo that enables precise operations even at high speeds. It also offers advanced safety and productivity features like VSL+ (Variable Stability Logic PLUS) that can maximise the lifting capacity by calculating the stability according to the position of the stabiliser legs and the actual total weight of the truck.

The DLC-S (Dynamic Load Chart) lets the operator set up the crane quicker by simulating the load capacity before opening the stabilisers, avoiding lost time in finding the correct stabiliser position for maximum lifting. This can be done from the comfort of the truck cabin, particularly handy when operating in adverse weather conditions.

The standard XS Drive remote control can be substituted with the new optional CombiDrive 4 remote control. It enhances the crane operation with new safety features such as Confirm View to find the best field of view, three high definition and bright colour displays and a long-lasting battery with single-user operator personalisation settings.

“The HIAB iQ.958 HiPro is a technologically advanced crane for its category, offering great performance for a wide variety of lifts both in horizontal and vertical positions. The crane offers among the best in class lifting performance when using the eighth extension in combination with the JIB with six extensions (JIB 155Q). This maximises the available JIB power to provide superior load capability,” says Marcel Boxem, Director, Global Product Management, Loader Cranes Heavy & Super Heavy, Hiab.

The new models will also be offered in non-CE versions, equipped with the control system Space X4 and the optional CombiDrive 3 remote control.