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Broekman Logistics extends contract with DMG MORI

As DMG MORI points out, digitalization is radically changing our world.

Advanced development is necessary to realize this transformation and this can only be achieved if we work together globally in powerful partnerships.

DMG MORI fits perfectly in a partnership with Broekman Logistics. The global reach in cutting-edge technology, machining, and many unique advances will continue to develop the excellent corporation between the two companies.

“We are proud to have renewed our contract with Broekman Logistics,” said Thomas Vanierschot, Manager Logistics at DMG MORI. “Our increased focus on digitization and automation brings additional challenges in the supply chain. Not to mention the worldwide disruptions and price increases in ocean freight that everybody is facing currently. These challenging times require trustworthy and long-term partnerships to keep up the high standards and quality of DMG MORI to its valued customers.

Thanks to the logistic expertise of our partner Broekman, even more DMG MORI machines, such as the NTX 3000, will safely find their way to customers all over Europe.”, thus Thomas Vanierschot