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Sarens assists with CPP topside module In Malaysia

Working for the client, Malaysia Marine and Heavy Engineering Sdn Bhd (MMHE), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Malaysia Marine and Heavy Engineering Holdings Berhad (MHB), Sarens was asked to move, weigh, and jack the CPP topside module for Kasawari Gas Development Project in Johor, Malaysia.

The crew used the following equipment: 8x CS5000 Jacking Unit; 96 axle-lines SPMTs Gen (1,) 2, 3, S; 64 mix capacity Load cells.

The CS5000, one of the most advanced jacking system, is used for lifting ultra-heavy modules and structures and has a jacking capacity of 5000T per tower. The team had to fabricate a new part for the CS5000 jacking system to customise it for lifting the CPP topside modules weighing 21000T.

The equipment was sent to site via road and sea transport from Belgium, Egypt, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Malaysia in three months. The CS5000 was set-up in a month underneath topside. With close cooperation between the teams and with the client the set-up was safely completed ahead of schedule.

The shifting of the module was carried out in two phases: In the first phase double 24 axles were used to shift two parts of the LSF weighing 1000T from the fabrication yard to the installation site; In the second phase a combination of LSF weighing 2000T 2500T was driven by four sets of 24 axle-lines to slot- in under the CPP Topside module.

According to the assistant project manager, Ridzuan Jamiran (Operations Manager, Tim Van Hoeydonck) “The most challenging part of the project was the installation and positioning of the jack.” He adds – We had to do it in three steps: transporting by SPMT; skidding using 50T push and pull; jacking by 250T jack before we can position the CS5000 jacking unit.

Once the jacking system was positioned under the topside module, it was jacked-up by 7m.

Sarens Assistant Project Manager, Ridzuan Jamiran, says, “We are extremely proud of this amazing job where we used eight sets of the CS5000 jacking system and a combination of SPMTs to jack the 21000T topside module. We are thankful to all the stakeholders involved with the project for successfully and safely completing the project.”